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10 benefits of being mindful

One mind but million thoughts. Life has become busy for everyone.
Most of our life goes in thinking about family, work, friends, career, finance, marriage, children and several other things.
The stress of our daily life is growing by leaps and bounds.
One way to manage the stress is through the technique of mindfulness.
Mindfulness is about living in the present moment and being aware of what is happening inside and outside us.
Mindfulness involves focusing on your feelings and thoughts without judging.
Here are 10 benefits of practicing mindfulness.
1.  Increases levels of positive emotions and mental well-being.
2. Strengthens body’s immune system to fight diseases.
3. Improves memory and emotional intelligence
4. Keeps us active and energetic
5. Helps in thought focus and manage distractions
6. Balances emotions and develops cognitive abilities
7. Builds selfless concern for the good of others.
8. Calms down and Reduces anxiety, depression and stress
9. Opens up mind and brings back creativity
10. Helps in coping up with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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