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10 dog friendly tourist destinations

Dogs are out best companions. Are you thinking of going on a vacation with them ?
What if you could take your pet with you? Does this sound very exciting?
Here are 10 dog friendly destinations all over the world
Venice, Italy
Dogs are allowed to travel on vaporetto (water boats)
Many cafes and restaurants are also dog friendly
Tokyo, Japan
Have dog friendly restaurants
Has a doggy island (a resort for dogs)
Vancouver, Canada
Tons of on-leash and off-leash dog parks, beaches, trails, restaurants and  shops
Goa, India
Homestays, beach resorts and hotels allow dogs. Dogs can also visit the beaches
Beverly Hills, California
The ultimate dog vacay destination, Beverly Hills has everything from pet spa to pet photo services, restaurants, cafes, bakery etc. all dog friendly
Burges, Belgium

Parks, roads, trains, canals, restaurants, all are dog friendly
Barcelona, Spain
Dogs are allowed for free in metro and buses. Barcelona also has a few dog friendly beaches, restaurants and parks.
Avon, Colorado
Avon has pet friendly hotels, resorts, parks Airbnbs and dog group hikes.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dogs are allowed in workplaces, restaurants, hotels and public transports (trains, metro, trams)
Azores, Portugal
Has many pet-friendly hotels and resorts
As a general guidance, it is good to plan travel with your pet during off-peak seasons. Also consider weather conditions.
Do not forget to check the rules and regulations of the country before you decide to take your dog along.
Have an amazing time with your dog
TOGO is a companionship app for dog lovers, named in honour of a Siberian Husky who saved several lives in the 1925 serum run to Nome.

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