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16 most common dog training mistakes by dog owners

Many dog owners believe that training their lovely pup is easy
Give a command and dog follows. Is it as simple as that? Answer is No!
It needs patience, understanding of your dog's behaviour and investment of time.
Here are 16 common dog training mistakes dog owners make
Repeating the commands over and over again
Changing the command phrase and confusing the dog
Not giving enough time to practice between the training classes
Using the same command but expecting a different response from the dog
Training the dog when you feel frustrated, angry or frustrated
Using a prong, shock or choke collar to train your dog.
Giving a sharp tug on the leash to correct walking behavior
Absence of high value treats during the training sessions
Not offering treats during training but only praises
Having a time lag between the dog completing the command and treat disposal
Punishing, scolding or screaming at your dog for not following commands
Expecting positive results quickly
Not training the pup from early age
Not taking distractions into consideration when training
Not re-training a dog in the senior age
If you have ever done any of the mistakes mentioned, please
And, get help from dog behaviorists or certified dog trainers
A dog should only be trained with love, positive reinforcements and understanding
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