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Do you know these 10 actionable dog walking tips?

Walking is not only a good exercise option, but it also provides mental and physical stimulation to your pup.
However, if your dog is uncooperative on walks, this simple activity can turn into a nightmare

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Here are 10 tips to help your dog behave better when on walks
1. Dog pulls you?
Use front clip harness
Check for harnesses in which the leash clips on the front side. A front clip harness will prevent your dog from pulling you.
2. Avoid retractable leashes
The longer lengths of retractable leashes make it difficult to control your pooch. The locks disengage with pressure. Thus, use traditional leashes
4. Proper ID is mandatory
Make sure your dog is microchipped or wearing his/her ID tags with latest info. If your dog gets lost,  it will be easier to find him/her.
3. Don't forget the water
If the walk will last for longer than 30 mins, carry a dog water bottle along so that your pooch does not get dehydrated
5. Keep away from hot pavements
If the pavement is too hot for your skin, it is too hot for your dog's paws. Instead, walk your dog on grass or make him/her wear booties.
6. Bring treats
Use the treats to keep your dog from getting distracted by cars, other dogs, squirrels etc.
7. Wear reflective gear in evenings
Make your dog wear a reflective collar or harness if you are out in evenings. This will prevent unnecessary road accidents
8. Ask before approaching other dogs
Not all dogs are friendly. Ask the guardian before you take your dog to make a new friend
Never allow your dog to be off leash (even after training) in traffic or when other dogs are around. Having your dog leashed can stop dog fights before they begin
9. Off-leash can be a danger
10. Never use shock/prong/choke collars
Such collars not only hurt your dog, they leave unimaginable emotional and psychological scars. Punishment is never the correct way to train
Walks are the time you build trust and deepen your bond with your dog. Use these 10 amazing tips to make your walks enjoyable and fun.
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