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Bravest dogs in the history

This web story honors the brave dogs who changed the canine history forever. They have given the term 'human's best friend" a new meaning.
They helped in saving lives, protecting people and sacrificing their life for their human companion.  Here are the few bravest dogs in the history of mankind that we know.
Known for leading a sled team and running 265 miles in treacherously frozen terrain  in the famous 1925 serum run to Nome, to deliver anti-diphtheria toxin and saving lives of many.
Swansea Jack
Jack responded to cries for help, diving into the water and pulling them to safety at the dockside.Saved 29 lives from drowning. He received a silver cup from the Lord Mayor of London.
The first animal to ever orbit the Earth. This space dog gave her life for her country
Smoky was found in a fox hole in Papua New Guinea during World War II, became a famous entertainer, a decorated war hero and, it is believed, the first official therapy dog.
Alerted his unit to incoming attacks during World War I in France
Waited at the train station for 9 years awaiting the return of his deceased owner 
Worked with search and rescue teams to rescue survivors after earthquakes
Detected and cornered a foreign spy during the Battle of Austerlitz

Fought alongside the US infantry division during the World War I
Belgian Malinois
Used by militaries and SWAT teams to sniff out drugs, bombs, and search-and-rescue missions
These are a few documented feats of dog bravery
There are many instances of dog bravery done on an everyday basis which does not get documented
A salute to canine companions all over the world who not only protect us but also give unconditional love and dedication.
TOGO is a companionship app for dog lovers, named in honour of a Siberian Husky who saved several lives in the 1925 serum run to Nome.

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