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Are dogs the Healers?

Dogs have been human's best friends. Studies show that pets make our lives happier and healthier
In 1962, Dr. Boris Levinson published the study titled 
"The Dog as a Co-therapist"
This has given momentum to an alternative therapy called "Animal Assisted Therapy", simply AAT
AAT improves the patient's social, psychological and physical functioning
It is simple. To be with the animal during therapy sessions- Physical or Psychological
Dogs are the most common animal used in therapy settings
It is well known that dogs have acted as our mood boosters since centuries
Dogs always make the difficult times a little easier to handle
Dogs are brought into therapy by their handlers
The dog and the handler undergo certification programs to be eligible to assist in therapy
How human-dog bond helps the person cope with the difficult situation?
Induces a calmness in the patient
Increases physical movement like walking, playing etc.
Increases social interaction of the person
Such therapies have also shown to reduce physical pain
Provides companionship to the person and reduces loneliness
Improves overall well-being and  mood
Increases the motivation of the person to engage in physical activities
Reduces feelings of worry and anxiety
AAT is amazing for both psychological and physical health of a person
TOGO is a companionship app for dog lovers, named in honour of a Siberian Husky who saved several lives in the 1925 serum run to Nome.

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