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6 traits to consider when choosing a new puppy

Your puppy’s temperament plays a huge role in how well he or she will integrate with your family and lifestyle. What are the best 6 puppy traits to check? Swipe to know more.
A dog’s temperament or character is essentially the dog’s general attitude toward people and other animals.

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Puppies develop their personality according to their genes and their experiences. Some are easy-going but affectionate, others are more playful and demanding.
Place the pup at a new location. Clap your hands and call the pup.
If the pup comes readily with the tail up to jump or bite, he/she is confident

If the pup is scared, he won't come at all
Stand up and walk away from your pup. Make sure the pup sees you walk away

A dependent pup will immediately follow you with the tail up.

An independent pup will not follow and may move away
Dominant or submissive
Gently roll the puppy on the back and hold him/her for 30 secs. A dominant puppy will struggle and may even bite. A submissive pup will not do any struggle and avoid eye contact 
Pull your puppy's attention towards a ball. Gently roll the ball. If your pup goes behind the ball, he/she should be easy to train. If the pup shows no interest in the rolling ball, you will need a bit more time to train
Loud noise sensitivity
Keep your pup in an open region.  Create a loud noise nearly. Your puppy will either jump and run away or go closer to investigate. If your puppy runs away, you need to work to desensitize him/her to loud noises
Put your pup in a open region. Make a knot in a long towel. jerk the towel in front of your pup. If your pup attacks the towel, he/she is intelligent and confident. An insecure and shy pup will run and hide
Problem solving behavior
Every puppy is cute
All puppies are adorable. Identifying the traits will help you understand the training needs to integrate with your family,.

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