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8 tech products  for every dog owner

Technology has always played a massive role in our lives. Pet industry is not an exception.
Several products to help dog owner, like GPS trackers, toys, feeders and many others
Check out these 8 amazing tech items for your dog
Dog tracker

Equipped with a GPS tracker, vet records, walk/hike log, activity monitor and a lot more 
Automatic food and water dispenser

Weighs the amount of food before dispensing.Controlled by an app on phone
Dog camera

WI-FI device. Allows owners to live stream their dog's activities
Bluetooth speaker for dogs

Preloaded with calming music for dogs. SD card to load your dog's favorite tunes
Dog activity monitor

Fitbit for dogs. Can be paired with Apple watch, health apps etc.
Smart dog crate

Motion activated sensors to start the fan, soothing music to ease your dog's anxiety.
Interactive dog toy

Intelligent software and app. Customizes itself depending on your dog's play style.  
Anxiety relief vest

A vest that delivers acupuncture, sounds, vibrations to de-stress your pup when anxious. 
These products are making the lives of dogs and their owners easier.
TOGO is a companionship app for dog lovers, named in honour of a Siberian Husky who saved several lives in the 1925 serum run to Nome.

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