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The amazing tale of Swansea Jack.

A brave dog who saved 27 people
Swansea Jack was a hero canine who was awarded silver cup by the Lord Mayor of London.
Only dog ever received two bronze medals from the Canine Defence League.

Who is Swansea Jack and what he did?

Swansea Jack was a black retriever born in 1930, who lived in the River Tawe area of Swansea. His master was William Thomas.
He saved the lives of 27 people from drowing, in his life time of 7 years
Jack was actually afraid of water when he came to his master. But his master slowly encouraged him to swim with the boys around.
Jack started enjoying the play with his local boys by pulling them by their collars and dragging them to the shore.
What had started as just a play had become a habit for him. He learned to pull people out when they ended up in water and cried for help.
His first rescue was that of a 12 year old boy who fell into the water. Jack was about a year old when he did his first rescue.
His second rescue was that of a swimmer who was drowning in Swansea West pier. Many people around saw this and he became popular. The first news appeared in the Evening Post.
Nothing stopped him. Whenever he heard a cry for help, Jack would run to the river, and pull the person to the shore.
He was fearless, could sense distress and be at the right place in the right time for rescue. He had saved over 27 people from drowing.
But his bravery and compassion was not limited to humans. Jack saved other dogs in distress.
Unfortunately the canine hero died in 1937 at the age of 7.
The local newspaper erected a memorial dedicated to Jack. His memorial still stands near the St. Helen's Rugby Ground.
In the year 2000, Jack was named as Dog of the Century by NewFound Friends of Bristol
Many canine heroes like Jack exist and have helped people through their acts of bravery and unconditional love.

A tribute to all those brave dogs.


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