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10 tips to lead a happier life

Happiness is a state of mind.
We can be happy only when we want to be happy. It is about how we train our brain.
Happiness lies in experiences than the achievements. Experiences give happiness that lasts longer.
Happiness is contagious
Connecting with happy people makes you happier
Don't focus too much on happiness
Happiness is a good feeling from the natural consequences of events, activities and people in your life.
Chasing happiness in life does more harm. Because it is not an end in itself
Here are 10 tips that will help you train yourself for a happy life
Be you

Be what you are naturally yourself. Feel proud of you. 

Have purposeful connections

Focus on having deeper connections and conversations. One best friend is better than 100 other friends. 

Recall best moments in life

Spend few minutes when you go to bed in recalling the happiest moments in your life from the past.
Do things which you cherish

Doing things that you don't like drain your energy. Do what you like the most or best at doing.

Today is real

Do what you need to do this moment. Don't worry about things beyond your control. This moment is a fact and next moment is a fiction.
Learn to celebrate

Celebrate every good thing that happened in your life, however small those things may be
Do good for others

Return a part of what the world around has given you, for those in need. Donate for poor people, do charity work, or even adopt a pet.

Train your creative side

Being creative helps in improving your happiness. Try out to do something creative like music, painting, dancing, etc.

No one is perfect

Don't feel bad for not being perfect. You are perfect because you are imperfect

Take breaks from routine

Travel with your friends or family, breathe fresh air, spend some time out. Recharge yourself.

Living a happier life is in our hands. Happiness is finally a state of mind.

Joy Of Life

Only for informational purposes. Not an advice.
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