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Why do dogs make the best emotional support companions?

The bond between canines and humans goes back thousands of years
This unique connection has only strengthened with time

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Here are 13 reasons why everyone needs a dog in their life
No matter how hard the times become, your dog will be by your side
Dogs have an undying level of loyalty to the ones they love
Dogs make the best snuggle buddies ever
A small walk with your dog can work wonders for your bad mood
Dogs make us the more responsible version of ourselves
Dogs show us that we have the capability to love beyond our imagination
Dogs force you to get out and exercise even when you don't want to
Your dog will always comfort you when you feel low or sad
Dogs get along with family, friends and other animals
Dog guardians are less likely to have depression
Dogs add routine and structure to our chaotic lives
Their goofiness has the capability to make even the worst heartbreak a little less painful.
Dogs show us how to enjoy even the little things in life like chasing a ball
If you do not receive the love of a dog, your life is incomplete


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